Hotarubi No Mori E~

Recently i had very little time to anything D: so i have been reading only oneshots to save time and read more. Thats when i cam across this….Hotarubi No mori E as it is i was quite fascinated by the summary of the manga and after seeing the visual art, i wanted to read it […]

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Nanaco Robin – Nakahara Aya

Another amazing manga. The thing about me is that i always read mangas depending on the beginning of the story. If it looks bad or if its too obvious to read, then i just dont read it. But when i started reading the first chapter of this book, i wanted to read more. Okay, now […]

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PSY- Gangnam Style

well about month or so ago, my friend freek posted a video of Psy Gangnam style; watch if you dare, because its SOOOO damn funnneh (funny) AMG, the first time i saw it i couldnt stop laughing for all i knew!!~ and PSY has topped the charts and oh my god, i cant believe it. […]

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Sugar Family – Hagio Akira

Amg, another rreally good manga. It is sooo cute!!~ I just love Taichi i mean soooo cute!!~ He reminds me well of Honey sempai from ouran high school host club, i cant wait for the next chapters because this is sooo interesting, i cant wait to see who Yuka ends up with. And adhasrueigfeufyg i […]

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Teacher’s Day!~

“Better Than A Thousand Days Of Diligent Study Is One Day With A Great Teacher…” Here in India, teacher’s day is celebrated to honor the teachers who teach us all the way. At our school we didnt do much though we all made cards for our beloved teachers. As i was thinking of teachers i realized that every single profession […]

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How to Draw Manga?

I love drawing manga!~ But I’m not that good at. I’m on deviant art and I see a lot of art. And sometimes I wish I could draw like them (unfortunately, I can’t). I like digital art a bit more than traditional maybe because of all the tricks we can do with digital? Yus, that’s […]

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Instruments? Me!~

Instruments? I learn three instruments. My main one is the flute. I just started two weeks ago. Second one is the guitar. I used to learn but now I don’t, actually I used to go for classes but now I stopped. And finally the piano (self learning, not the notes but with Synthesia). The flute […]

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Boyfriend by Yamada Daisy

This week I was reading by Yamada Daisy. It was good; a touching story. I was quite happy reading this because it had sad and happy moments. The guy looks good. The girl wasn’t satisfying to me. Otherwise it was fun. Things were a bit unexpected which was a good thing. Hijiki was a good […]

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“Good friends are hard to find, difficult to leave and impossible to forget.” I didn’t want to write this at first but after reading certain someone’s blog, I feel like doing it. So yeah I have many friends, all very nice and sweet. The thing is that I don’t know whether they like me or […]

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Exams. One thing I hate the most. But I understand that it’s for our own benefit. So, my story is like I missed 3/4th of my lessons due to some problems and I was abroad. And the stuff they taught this time is like TOTALLY new to me. It’s the first semester of school and […]

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Hey! Okay. This is somewhat like a diary? Yeah, I guess. I’m going to share all kinds of stuff with you! About me? Nothing much. Just a 13 year old. An otaku (I don’t collect stuff) of manga and Japan. I am also on DeviantArt a very awesome site to submit art. Go to to […]

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